Petite and Curvy: Selini Angelini


With the fashion industry day by day accepting more curvier models and celebrating diversity, us curvy girls are starting to feel like we are taken more seriously. However, many curve and plus size models are over the average height for women, too.
I speak to the gorgeous Selini Angelini about being petite and curvy, and how she feels representing us shorter girls who tend to be ignored in the mainstream fashion industry.

The fashion industry is finally using curvier models walk the runways and model their clothes, however there is still a lot of negativity from people that think this is “unhealthy”. Why do you think people are still reluctant to embrace body positivity?

“Well I am not really sure to be honest. I believe that people who judge or feel uncomfortable with it, are just insecure or unhappy with themselves. I know a ton of women that work out every day  for 6 hours and only eat a salad. But nobody complains because they’re “fit” in our society. This is not healthy to me. Like people who use drugs to stay slim. To me seeing women that are happy with their body, mind and lives just have a different aura, I admire this aura a lot by plus size women.”

There is a standard height that designers and brands will use. Why do you think the fashion industry ignores shorter girls?

“Well this is something that’s kinda stupid. But in one way I believe it’s because of the clothes.  For example jeans length. This may need more work to adapt them, but in other way I think its kinda stupid. So many female stars, singers or actress are short. I know a ton of fullfigured short women. It’s important not to be insecure about your height, no matter what agencies say or not. Just be yourself and do the best. I never wanted to change. I like me short.”

A lot of “curve” models are quite tall and some clothes that they model look very different on us shorter girls. Where do you shop for cute clothes and lingerie?

“Well, for my jeans I shop most in H&M or Bershkha. H&M have amazing jeans. I am not really a brand person. I have some brands like Armani shirts, Tommy Hilfiger, Bench or Lacoste but I prefer white shirts and blue jeans and my Gap hoodie. Simple.
 I love Morgan (Morgan de Toi). It’s an elegant, sexy brand from France, and all their clothes suit me perfect! Especially dresses. It just fits my curves perfect! Mango has awesome pieces too! I like Lipsy dresses and Miss Selfridge too. They have some cute pieces! But I am not a fashion blogger, I am very simple in clothes.
 But in Lingerie, oh my heart opens! I have so much lingerie. I would wanna have more but because of my chest size they don’t fit me. This makes me more mad, then the fact that I am too short for an agency. I wear a lot Chantelle, Gossard, Triumph and I have pieces from Bon Prix and H&M (Bodysuits). I ordered from Dita von Teese collection (which is a little too small on my chest), Hunkemöller, Passionata, Freya, Lascana & Panache. I love Calvin klein panties and I have every colour.
Definitely one of my goals is to have my own lingerie line, with sexy badass pieces for bigger cups!

Do you have any fashion tips/recommendations for short girls?

“Just take your time to go shopping. And don’t shop at only at one place. I like to shop with my mama the most, she is amazing. We have kinda same bodytype and she always helps me. She is so honest about what looks good or not. Sometimes too honest!

“Drop the plus” has been a debate going around social media the past year. What do you think? Keep or drop the “plus” in “plus size”?

“Definitely keep. Its’s kinda how everything started and this presents us and other women with fuller figures. But in another way I understand when people wanna be called just a “model”. But it’s not a big thing to me, to be honest, things like this don’t cross my mind or give me sleepless nights.”

You inspire me to be more comfortable and confident with my body. But what model inspires you?

“Thank you! Well I don’t have models that inspire me in the way to be more comfortable in my skin, because I never really struggled. But I admire strong women. I admire Angelina Jolie, she is my fave. She never kept a secret about her past and she lived her madness to the fullest. Madonna is a big idol to me, with her open mind and provocation she helped a lot of women to feel free in their sexuality. Maria Callas, she was the epitome of art and because of her ambition and vulnerability. Also, Velvet d’Amour is amazing to me. I have admired her since I was 21! And after I met her, she is a total sweetheart –  Definitely a dream come true. Frida Kahlo, Mae West, and of course the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loreen, Jayne Mansfield and Monica Bellucci. My favourite model I follow on Instagram is Esther Andersen and I really hope to meet her!
But the reason why I feel comfortable in my skin is my mama. She is the prettiest and strongest woman I have ever met. I wanna be like her one day!”
img_6852 (1).jpg

Have you always been body confident?

“Well I definitely had a struggle with my body when I was 9/ 10 years old. I came very early into puberty and I wasn’s so happy about it. The boys in class started to like me and get interested because of my different bodytype, and the girls always beat me on my chest. So I only wore big hoodies and I prayed that my chest wouldn’t grow anymore. This was a very hard time for me and  I only felt good when I was in Greece on holidays. I could wear top and normal clothes because a lot of Greek women are very curvy, so I didn’t felt wrong.
But I always felt good because of my weight and I am happy with myself.”

What are your tips for women who want to be more confident with their bodies?

“When you want to feel more comfortable, you should do things in life that makes you happy. I started dancing and athletics when I was 6 years old and I did it for 8 years. Sport is very good and helps you a lot to feel and to know your body. Don’t go after unrealistic shit and don’t watch too much topmodel show’s or women on IG with 73827 filters and photoshop from head to toe. Don’t be around women that only talk about beauty and surgery as this doesn’t bring you further in life. Be you. Be proud of you. Pray to god. Make yourself a ritual and be proud of it. Set yourself goals, but not goals like: “I wanna lose 10 pounds in a week”. Set yourself relevant goals for your future like: “I wanna go to school, I wanna be a better person, I wanna cook today something good for me and my family, I wanna do a good graduation”. Surround yourself with positive and educated people.”

You have shot with the lovely Velvet d’Amour for Volup2 and you looked so gorgeous. Do you have any plans to shoot more?

“The shoot with Velvet d’Amour was amazing. I was very nervous. It was so early in the morning and Alina Cherciua, Janet Doman and Velvet d’Amour came in my appartment to do my makeup. But they did an amazing job! I felt totally free to be myself and this is very important to me to express myself. They are really, very good people and I can’t wait to see them again! I have a lot of inquiries from very good photographers to work with me (New York, Los Angeles and more), but at the moment I just don’t have time. As soon as I have my graduation, I really wanna make more shoots and different kind of shoots.”


What can we look forward to from you in the coming year?

“There is something coming but I can’t tell yet, it’s a little secret 😉
This year maybe I will work with a street photographer from Switzerland. It depends on how I feel emotionally and because of my Anxiety Disorder and if I have enough time because of graduation.But as soon as I have my graduation and time to travel, I wanna start doing more modelling jobs.”


To find out more about Selini, make sure you are following her on IG, Twitter and Facebook!

instagram @Seliniangelini

twitter @SeliniAngelini

facebook Selini Angelini


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